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French Company from 2006  

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Automatic closure kit barn with mini bellhop to traditional door

Automatic closure kit barn with mini bellhop to traditional door
-24Automatically close the door of your chicken coop 10 minutes after nightfall. The opening at sunrise.
Suitable for all traditional doors (with hinges on the side).
Equipped with a solar cell to recharge the battery included.

Your house should be equipped with a door with hinges on the side.
It must be in the days of sun to time requires a minimum of 30 hours of direct sunlight every two months to recharge its battery or an average of 30 minutes of sunlight per day. (No direction north or just behind a tree or a house that hides the sun all day).

Operating principle:
In the morning, when the brightness is sufficient, a geared motor releases the wire kevlar braided so that the door opens.
A mini groom (stainless steel spring) opens the door and maintain the taut wire.
In the evening, 10 minutes after sunset (time to be certain that all the chickens are returned) the geared motor cuts back the wire until the door is closed and held on its stop.
Optionally below the solar cell can be offset with a more or less long thread if your door is always in the shade.

Technological choices:
This kit has been designed and is manufactured by us in the Jura in France.
Rugged and waterproof recyclable ABS housing (IP 54).
Solar cell and high capacity battery for complete autonomy.
Detection brightness for automatic adjustment of the time of opening and closing depending on the actual time of sunrise and sunset.
Gearmotor with all of its steel or brass pinions (not plastic) for a long service life.
Twine Kevlar braided for strength more than 65kg.
A touch button to initiate a test cycle (opening and closing) and adjust the length of wire out (depending on the size of your door).
The advantage of a touch switch is the perfect seal, as opposed to a switch.

Estimated shipping time : 9 days.

Available Options:

Remote solar panel:



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